Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Back!

I was rereading an old draft from back in June (maybe May?) when I received devastating news. It was titled WTF? since I'm very much to the point. Obviously.

"Just one thing, a tiny thing that kinda just shook my brain up.

1) The Pittsburgh Penguins traded Jordan Staal to Carolina. What? What happened? I'm starting to tear a little. This is just? Just, WHY? Why would you do this? How could this happened? I think I'm in shock. And

2) He's now married. What? Why wasn't I informed!? This is angry. That's three out of four Staals married and I'm pissed. What is with these cute guys getting married? Why don't they wait until they're forty then get it over with? Don't they understand the rules? Next thing you know, Sidney Crosby will be getting married.....OMG. Please don't let this happen. I'm venerable enough. I don't need that as well. Oh, Hockey Gods, please don't do this to me!"

I read it, and I go...So? Who cares that he plays for Carolina and is married? BTW, Marc-Andre Fleury also got married this summer, although he's too French for me. But really, all I want is my hockey BACK! I don't care who plays for who, I don't give a shit who's married. I WANT TO WATCH HOCKEY! You got that NHL? You guys are being dicks.

In other news, since I haven't written (wrote? I am not a grammar bug) since June or July, there is a multitude of things that have occurred. First, I got a job. Little convenience store no biggie, good hours not tons of work and good people to work with. Or so I thought..... Apparently, I had been accusing people of stealing and hadn't even known about it. How did I not realize you ask? There's two answers: either I've developed a sever but short case of amnesia, or b) someone has been lying/taking my words out of context. Yes that's three, but shut up. So basically I'm pissed. I don't want to work with two girls you've lied about me and said I accused them of something I would never ever suggest. And my manager won't tell me who they are! So every time I go into work, I'll look at my coworker wondering if she's the one. Did she go and lie to the manager about me? Does she thinks that she's won. I haven't worked since the accusations reached me because I've been sick, but now my manager probably thinks I look weak (especially since I cried because a) this is my first job, b) my first major problem and c) I'd been taking very strong hormone medication to deal with the PCOS. So, yeah, work kinda sucks ass now.
Okay, now the summer is over. It's freezing here, and its the beginning of October. I haven't been to school in a week because I've been sick, but my track record before that wasn't great either. I haven't seen my counsellor in months, since about the end of May and am feeling real low. I'm going to have to get a new one (Damn!) and rehash everything from the past four years. Wow, I hadn't really realized it's been four years. I'm old.
But, I know that I want to get a computer of my own up and running before the end of October. I'm gonna make Big and Big's Boyfriend a quilt for Christmas and I think a medium size pillow/bed for their dog. I have no idea what to get Bigger and her boyfriend, and what I should do for my eldest sis out in Saskatchewan. But I'll figure it out.
I've got one of my stories outlined (Yay! Applause!) and now I have to start writing it. I think I'll change it to third person omniscient and include journal entries from the main character's point of view. This is a big step, since I've had the characters and the setting and the whole world created for years now, but the characters (mainly the protagonist) didn't possess enough flaws to make a good plot, so I couldn't do anything with it. But I fixed that! Yay!

So I think that's all for now. I've been reading Refab with Anne Stuart that's giving me ideas about goals and how to deal with certain things (ie. Anne Stuart is overweight like me and has depression like me) so I'm gonna set some goals for myself as well.

1. Start writing. Even a little
2. If I don't feel like writing fiction, come on the blog and yammer here. No one reads anything, so I'm perfectly safe.
3. Apply for new job.
4. Smaller portion (made a good plan already!) and no eating after nine.
5. Slow down on the books
5. Spend wisely.

Alright, that's it. Everyone have a good day/night and I'll see you soon!

P.S. Did you know that Blogger doesn't recognize Yay? Isn't that sad? Or is that just me?