Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Not Confused, Only Interested...

I wonder how often I get to post. Is there a limit? Am I asking someone, or just me?

*  8  *

I've decided to try to only post two, no three, crap, just two times a day.
Man, this is gonna be interesting...

I Have Decided

First, I have decided that I will have a blog. My friend S. has been bugging and bugging me to get one so that we could follow each other.
Second, I will use spell check for this blog, unlike my school essay or my Facebook posts. It will be a grand and wonderful thing that will probably stop in about three posts. But hey, I can dream.
Thirdly, I will refrain from posting inappropriate comments or getting bummed when absolutely no one follows me. I will be very positive about my attempt to maintain (and make pretty) a blog for an extended period of time.
Unless, of course, exams begin and I have to waste my few free hours trying understand how balancing chemical formulas are going to be part of my plans for world domination. But hey, you never know. And I might make the honour roll. Or I could be a realist and admit all I'm hoping for is to pass.