Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Joke

   You may not realize this, but I'm fucking hilarious. No, it doesn't really matter whether you agree, in my heart I know its true. So it is. Just like that peeps. Magic. 
  So because I'm hilarious, I enjoy a good joke. 
  Here is one. 

A politician dies. He awakes at the Pearly Gates, in front of a slightly confused St. Peter. He asks Pete what's up. 
  Pete replies, "Well sir, you're name is here on the dead list, but it doesn't specify where you're to go. Now I've been thinking and I've decided to let you decide. You can go to either, because you've been a good person through charities you've supported but you've been bad too, being a politician. So, you're gonna spend a day in heaven and a day in hell. Where do you wanna go first?"
   The politician shrugs and says "I guess we'll go down first." So he takes the elevator below. When he arrives and steps out, he is greeted by a glorious sight. An endless expanse of a perfect cut grass makes the most beautiful golf course in existence. Piles of sinful food sends mouth watering scents though the air. Crowded on the tables are bottles of hundred year old whiskey and scotch and champagne. Woman of all shapes and sizes await his every whim. And man! All of his friends are down here. 
   The politician spends the day in absolute ecstasy, drinking and golfing and fucking and hanging with old friends. The day ends and he takes the elevator back up to the gates. Here he enters heaven. It's cool, with harps and angels and shit, and the politician is torn. When the second day ends, St. Peter drags the politician back out to the Pearly Gates. 
  "Alright," Pete says, "which will it be: heaven or hell?"
   "Well I don't know," the politician replies, "hell is, well, hell, and heaven is lovely and all, but hell, man it's got everything! The golf course, the food, the booze, the women and all my buddies. I know it doesn't sound right, but Pete, I think I'm gonna head down to hell.
  St. Peter nods his head and sends the politician back down the elevator. When he arrives at the gates of hell this time, its fire and brimstone and torture and shit. The politician stands there stunned when Lucifer happens to pass by. The politician gets Satan's attention and asks "what the hell is this place? I was here yesterday, and it was nothing like this. Where's the course and the booze and the women? Where'd they go?" 
   Lucifer shrugs, "Yesterday was the campaign. You voted for hell and the election's over."     
Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.
     I got this joke from my grandfather's old friend (the friend isn't old but my grandfather's dead, so technically, its Grandpa's former friend). While out eating tonight, my parents and I overhead him telling this joke to his dinner companion. I thought it was awesome, especially since the friend is a politician. I changed it a bit, mainly because I wasn't paying attention for the first part of the joke and partly because I'm better at telling jokes. Oh modestly, thy name is not mine. 
    Night dorks. 

BTW, the word "ecstasy" was originally capitalized by Blogger. Nice, Blogger. Real nice, you fucking druggie. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things that Happened Since We Last Spoke

  Which occurred sometime last week when I spoke about marble busts. What?, you say. You spoke of marble busts (or is it busks, huh)?! How exciting, how adventurous. Anyway.
  1.    Blogger has changed its template (program, oh whatever, its the viewy thing), which I do NOT like. I didn't like the other one either, so you can ignore this one. Wow, I feel like I'm trying to make a list on Microsoft Word, which I cannot do, and everything is fucking up.  
  2.    I decided to clean my laptop (aka Marco, yes he does have a name) keyboard. This was a bad idea because a) I had no idea how to pop keys bad into place b) I have split salsa, a whole glass of water and either a smushed raspberry or a strawberry on the whole thing so it is disgusting. I also have four cats, so it is HAIRY in their. But fortunately, armed with a good number of Lysol wipes (which I use for everything. Lysol, honey, you wanna hook me up I could wax on and on about the power of Lysol in all forms. Call me. Uh, well email me. Just get in touch babe.) Right, so the keyboard is clean and all. Well its kinda clean. All the salsa blotches are gone, so yay! Sadly, some of my keys don't like staying put and pop out randomly and the other one enjoy sticking or jamming. Fun times we're having, me and Marco. Dear Marco gonna get a kick in the screen and a trip to the dumpster. Don't fuck with me Marco, I'm warning you. 
  3.     I listen to "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People around 43 times today. I think I'm in love. 
  4. I wasted, I mean, enjoyed an entire day, an endless ten hours volunteering at the large Petsave. There were around two hundred cats and ten dogs. I was in frickin heaven peeps.
Shit that's gonna/got to happen
1.       I have to reschedule my appointment with my pediatrician. Yes, I have a kid doctor. You pause and probably say, isn't she seventeen? Yeah, I am but the internal doctor I was supposed to have doesn't take any patients younger than eighteen so I got a kiddie doctor. It sucks because I have to sit in a room with little kids every couple of months with my mom. Picture giant me, 5'8, build like a shithouse trying to blend in around three and two year olds. I love hanging out for twenty or thirty minute in an awkward situation. Ever happens again you call me up!
         The situation blows for a second time because my doctor's secretary asked to speak with my mother for my information because apparently I either don't know or am a liar. I know its policy but Christ lady, I'm old enough to be here with my own kid. You think I don't know my own goddamn address? It's funny that they won't take information from you at the age of seventeen but at eighteen I'll what, suddenly become an upstanding citizen and never lie and tell the whole truth? Oh please AND bite me.
          I have to reschedule because I procrastinated (there Mother, I admitted it. Are you happy?) and didn't schedule glucose testing until last Wednesday. The lab could only schedule me on the 15th of Spetember, which is a week before the doctor's appointment and the results take at least two weeks to come back. 
2.       I will be returning to school in under twelve hours. I'm so freaking nervous that I feel like vomiting. More on that later.                                                                         
            This rambling thing that occurs in the posts in very much true. If it doesn't contain rambling then it has probably been edited. I ramble and I try to just let everything flow when I write on here. If I do it here, I suppose, then I won't do it on assignments or essays in school and I (hopefully) won't do it as much at home. So if you don't like it, you can leave, because I'm sure it won't be a changing.                                                         
     Finally, if I go missing or wind up dead, check the laptop for any dents. (Marco probably did it) Heh, love you Marco <smiles winningly> 

Because you need the song stuck in your head too. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The amnimals II (From Lilo and Stitch. I remembered the movie!!)

  I've recently become obsessed with puppies. I don't want a puppy, no not at all. In fact, every time I look at puppy, I go "ah, cute! way too much poop". Oh, yeah, poop is the main reason. But I love all animals, but right now, a puppy isn't in the works.
  I think I'm upset because I recently made a very serious decision. To me, the decision is epic, to the rest of the world, not so much.
  I mentioned recently that my family and I found a little black pregnant kitten in the backyard. Yeah, she did end up pregnant and a little over three weeks ago, she gave birth to two tiny, fuzzy adorable little kitties. One is black with a white under belly, she is so fricking adorable, and I named her Black n White (oh yeah, I'm original). The other one is mainly black like her mom, but she has blotches of white and gold and orange. Her original name was Reese's Pieces, because she looks like peanut butter and chocolate, but that name was veetoed (even though they're technically MY cats) and we all call her Peanut Butter.

Six weeks later, when I got around to finishing this post...

The big decision that was made is that we can't keep Black n White and Peanut Butter. They will be going to Petsave, the organisation where my mother and I volunteer as soon as possible. They will get lovely homes and live with good people. I have to tell myself this because if I even think otherwise, I feel like I'm gonna cry. They are evil little kitties, but somewhere deep down they're good too. Well maybe. Here are pictures. 

Black n White, sleeping

"You're an idiot" Peanut Butter's so hostile

"Don't take my damn picture! I'm gonna move, such to screw up you picture! Ha!" 

They both look evil. Mom and baby.

If you're good, you get more photos. And yeah, they swear a lot. They did grow up around me and Big. Big's swears more though. 
    Alright, get gone. Go pet a cat. Unless they're outside and will swipe you and you get rabies or cat scratch fever, like my sister Bigger. The fever, not rabies, although the rabies would explain a lot about Bigger. Just kidding. Uh, not. Just be good to cats people. Oh, and dogs. Yup, still obsessed with puppies.