Friday, August 9, 2013

Fifth grade All Over Again

I am reading instead of writing. I have had this problem since Harriet the Spy and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, both reading assignments in the fifth grade. Hence the title. your welcome.
I'll go over the series, mostly for me, but a little for you as well.
I'm reading a lot of Jill Shalvis, because that woman is awesome. I've read the first Wilder book, Instant Attraction, which was easy since I own it. then I had to wait for the next two. Damn!
Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series is going well. I just finished the third one, Head over Heels, excellent. then I read the fourth, Lucky in Love in about five minutes. Okay four hours, but it was great. And I just got the fifth, At Last from the library.
Animal Magnestism series is great, read the second, Animal Attraction in a day, then Rescue my Heart in a day. Now I have to wait until November for the fourth.
I read the end of Double Play, the first in her Pacific Heat series, because I'm, bad to the bone and now I'm nervous about reading the entire thing, because I'm stupid like that. I have to read the first in the Sky High series, Smart and Sexy, but I thought they were gonna be short stories but they aren't so I'm a little discouraged. (Short stories don't cause me as much heartache or stress because the problems are resolved quickly.)
I also started Shannon Stacey's Kowalski Family series, which is freaking awesome. I'm just about to start the third one, although I firmly believe the second will be my favorite forever. And Goodreads was so rude about it! ugh, heartbreaking. And I have to read some Inter library loaned books, one of which is the first in the Charmed Ninth Season graphic novel, another with short romances. I feel bad because they brought in a whole bunch of books that I requested but was too impatient for so bought. I mean, I bought all of them. So now I'm getting an inpour of these books and I've already read them all. I feel so guilty.

There are other updates, but I'm gonna wait for a while to talk about them. I already told my mother and she told my dad and they both got pissy about it, so fuck that, I'm not telling anyone else. I'm not ashamed, and I'm not avoiding telling people in case I don't go through with it I won't feel guilty. I just don't want everyone to start harping on me. These people can be real annoying.

So, I'm gonna go type up some ideas, and I think I'm gonna use the blog post space to do it, since I'm able to type away here. Microsoft Word intimidates me, APPARENTLY. So, happy typing. Wish me luck!!

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